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A new backup system is here!


May 25, 2017

At Net Virtue, we’re always working to make sure that we’re the leader in Australian hosting.  After feedback from customers and our own personal experience with our previous backup system, we determined that performing a restore was not always as simple as it could be.

With that, we’ve been running an extensive evaluation process which has resulted in us choosing JetBackup to backup our entire fleet of cPanel web hosting servers.


What is JetBackup?

Jet Backup is an incremental backup system that allows unbelievably easy restorations all through cPanel, without fees to restore.

This goes one further than our previous backup systems which allow easy restorations of Files, Databases, Email accounts, SSL Certificates, Cronjobs & DNS Zones.

We are the only Australian based host that allows for this granular level of backup restorations, all through cPanel.

Introducing Snapshots

Snapshots make development and change management a breeze with complete peace of mind when making changes to production environments. Snapshots (as the name would suggest) takes a complete snap of your account as it exists in that moment, you can then make changes to production websites, if there is an issue and you decide you need to revert, you can do this simply and easy within cPanel and the site will be exactly how it was once the snapshot was taken.

The snapshot will be available for use for up to 48 hours before it deletes, providing ample time to do a restoration if issues are detected after the changes are made.


Previously you would have needed to generate a full backup of the files and databases than in the event of a restore begin the lengthy process to restore the existing database and files taking time and effort.


Restorations, done simple.

As an example of how easy it is we have added some screenshots & videos on how to do restorations in the new platform:















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